Inhumantis – Dark Synthwave Comic Series



Inhumantis was my reaction to the music of Dan Terminus. I visited his show with Perturbator, Das Mörtal and Gost in 2016 and made my mind up about something I wasn’t sure about: Starting to produce synthwave. Since I have a crazy obsession with arthropods (especially with mantises) I decided to make such an animal the mascot of my music. To make things more interesting to myself I wrote a backstory to the oversized mantis/human.

I liked the idea of a shapeshifting mantoid supervillain so much, that I asked my very talented friend Johanna Seidl to join this project. Together we are working on a comic series with it’s own soundtrack to support the story. All revolving around Artjom, who is in his arthropod form known as Inhumantis and his nemesis Irina.

So Inhumantis does not only stand for a musical project, but represents three types of art working together: Storytelling, visual arts and music.