Things never go as planned: What’s cookin’?

Things never go as planned: What’s cookin’?

Assuming you are a frequent visitor of my website and have great long-term memory you might remember a post about upcoming projects for 2017. The only thing from that list that made it into  stores so far is the first Daedric Tales album The Divine Menace. Regarding the other stuff I owe you some explanation.

So what happened?

Well, nothing happened. Exactly that is the problem. To be fair, some stuff actually did happen. Regarding the Inhumantis debut that was planned to release in march I faced a few problems with my DAW. For some reason essential VSTis were removed and I was too lazy to import them back. Furthermore preparations for the Daedric Tales tour turned out to be more time consuming than expected. Also my parter-in-crime Johanna and I didn’t manage to meet up to work on this project because we both had to deal with a lot of stress sourcing from university and work. Speaking of university, I attended and passed a huge amount of classes this semester. This resulted in pushing my studies far closer to their end. I am currently working on my diploma thesis and if all goes well I will be magister rerum naturalium by the end of winter. Being so close to the end I think it is understandable that my studies were prioritised.

Guitar tracking for The Myriad Crawling.

Interactions between life and music

A close friend is attending the SAE’s audio engineer training. For his school project he has to hand in a song of a band that he recorded and mixed himself. I had this idea of this death metal band called The Myriad Crawling for a long time now and I figured this would be a great opportunity to write a song and record it. I am sure I will be able to show you this song very soonish.

Furthermore I have two new ideas that I want to write, record and release before working on the list of previously announced albums.

  • Aryan Havrest – The Anatomy of Disappointment [referred to as Anatomy]
  • Aryan Havrest – A Not So Modern Summer [referred to as Summer]
Cover-Idea for ‘A Not So Modern Summer’

What should I expect?

Both releases will feature five to seven tracks and strictly follow a certain topic. The reasons why I decided to prioritize these two EPs are pretty easy to explain.

The Anatomy of Disappointment is obviously about being disappointed. Every song on this record will focus on one source or cause of disappointment that is not quite letting go of me. I hope to gain some distance and peace after getting this off my chest. Genre-wise we are speaking downtempo.

A Not So Modern Summer started with an old Guitar Pro file I rediscovered. This very simple indie riff got stuck to my head and I decided to turn it into a song. The rest of the song as well as the lyrics just came so easily and it was so much fun that it made me long for more. I simply thought of making a full indie EP and focus on classic summer anthems but add a little macabre twist to them.

Tracklist of ‘A Not So Modern Summer’ and some lyrics of ‘Dog Days’

Give me some damn release dates already!

Well, the work on the Summer CD is – considering the idea is nearly a week old – quite progressed. Same goes for the Anatomy CD. I already have some ideas for cover artworks and designs. As a matter of fact yesterday I had a meeting with Markus Wetzlmayr who will shoot the cover for Anatomy. As for the Summer CD Daniel Bammer will take care of the shooting next weekend. I am really looking forward to see these two projects grow more and more. By October or November I want to release both records, but before I want to tease you with a music video, so please stay tuned.

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