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In my active years so far I have been working with a lot of people. Here I will feature some that proved really professional and reliable. Their services and knowledge are supreme and usually they are nice people. I highly encourage you to give them a visit.

Markus Wetzlmayr also known as WET-Photografie is a dear friend and a talented photographer. Most of the pictures on this website are by him. If you want some top quality promo photos or live shots Markus is the guy to get in touch with.

Gojko Maric is a Serbian multi-instrumentalist, song writer and producer. He is also known as the guitarist of the Symphonic Black Metal Band Welicoruss. On the webpage of Infinity Studios he shares really interesting and helpful information. Anyone who would like to progress in their producing and audio engineering skills should check out his blog. If you want someone to mix or master your CD, give him a shot.

Gonzalo Bevilacqua is not only the keyboarder of Daedric Tales, but also a rising audio engineer. His works are powerful and the covers he records occasionally are great. He too is a great guy to commission with mixing your recordings. If you want orchestration for your project you should definitely consider working with Gonzalo.