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Aryan Havrest

Trip Hop | Pop | Rock

Yep, that’s me. I use my given name to release music that I wrote to reflect on or overcome some stuff. Therefore genres may vary, while a meaning or idea is almost always present. I hope you like what I make.


Synthwave | Slasherwave

Neon lights illuminate the night, as vermin from all corners gather and assemble. A fiendish and demonic presence appears and soon reveals its true intentions: To make you dance!

Permian Forest

Dungeon Synth | Ambient

Lush wilderness and rampant nothingness – two forces that fought for eons. In permian forests the relics of that very war lay buried, waiting to be found by unfortunate adventurers.

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The Devil’s Night

by Inhumantis


by Aryan Havrest

DM02 (Duck Game Cover)

by Aryan Havrest

Inhumantis Demo

by Inhumantis

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INHUMANTIS releasing The Devil’s Night

Time to give this site some more twitching signs of life. This time however it is not mainly about my self-titled project Aryan Havrest. Instead I want to talk about the first release of my synth project Inhumantis: The Devil's Night 30 Hours of pain. All at once! Fans of...

New EP ‘Aviary’ Out Now

It's been silent for too long. Nevertheless I'll keep this little post here short. I was lazy and didn't progress much with my "bigger" projects A Not So Modern Summer and The Anatomy Of Disappointment. Instead I felt more like experimenting with some stuff. Two of those experiments are up...

The social network all musicians and music fans needed: Drooble

If you were surfing the web long enough, you will definitely remember music focused social networks such as MySpace, Reverbnation, and Spotify. They all have one thing in common: They failed (at least as social networks). Facebook became the only relevant online platform for musicians to engage with their...

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