Inhumantis [Synthwave | Slasherwave]

About This Alias

Neon lights illuminate the night, as vermin from all corners gather and assemble. A fiendish and demonic presence appears and soon reveals its true intentions: Inhumantis has risen from hell to make you dance!

Usually I am not the corny type, but when it comes to synthwave I just can’t help it. Inhumantis is my 80’s and 90’s horror inspired electronic music project. The style I am aiming for is pretty gritty and rough, while maintaining an inhumane aesthetic with the old school death metal inspired logo and the chrome mantis mascot – hence the name. However I have some softer and poppier stuff on hand too. Let’s see what Inhumantis will become.

For now Inhumantis is a studio-only project, but once I feel a little bit more confident around live performances with electronic music and maybe even have a nifty hardware setup, I will consider touring using the alias. Until then Bandcamp, the unsustainables services and social media are the only way to experience Inhumantis. On YouTube I will upload music videos and live performances in my studio, maybe even some gear talk, and on Instagram you will find an aestheticcfeed and occasionaly stories showcasing my songwriting process.




The Devil’s Night


Inhumantis Demo