The social network all musicians and music fans needed: Drooble

The social network all musicians and music fans needed: Drooble

If you were surfing the web long enough, you will definitely remember music focused social networks such as MySpace, Reverbnation, and Spotify. They all have one thing in common: They failed (at least as social networks). Facebook became the only relevant online platform for musicians to engage with their fan base on a regular basis. A new startup called Drooble however could change this fact.

The logo of the new social network for musicians: Drooble

What is Drooble?

One might perceive Drooble as a Facebook rip-off with the color pattern of Twitter. But after a quick browse you will see how much more this network has to offer to musicians and music fans. The project at its core is true to the initial idea of social social networks: communication and solidarity are the main goals here. Drooble is not about getting likes (or in this case applause) for the newest photo of your at best mediocre lunch. Instead users are encouraged to check out other peoples music, listen to it and give feedback. This includes the dislike button that Facebook awkwardly avoided.

The Drooble front page


Reddit features a karma-system: Other users can up or down-vote your posts and comments. The sum of these ratings is visible on your profile as karma. Noting too special.

In the world of Drooble karma works differently: You don’t only gain karma for applauding someones post, but also when other users play your uploaded songs, comment on your posts and also for engaging in discussions or giving feedback to a song. I said it once and I’ll say it again: being social and interacting with other users is highly valued at Drooble.

All karma rewards – so far!

But so far it doesn’t sound that special…

About time I get to the point then. Karma on Drooble is like a currency. You spend it to procure various goodies such as album reviews, interviews, free press kits, music video and artist showcases, song streams in the native web radio and much more. This is highly valuable because your promotion is targeted to a community of music lovers, not to some random normies who don’t give a single crap about what you do (which is the case with Facebook ads). And the best thing: All of this is for free. All you gotta do is spend time on Drooble and talk to other people about what you do best, which is music. Help other musicians to improve, teach them what you know and learn new stuff from other people to generate points to spend on promo services. Actual. Fucking. Karma.

Easily find new band mates with Drooble

Hey dude, wanna play in a band?

Your profile is highly customisable. Add skills and instruments that you are good with and all the genres you’re interested in. If you are a very organized person you might as well state how often you are able to rehearse and your availability to play gigs. A very powerful search engine with various filters makes it very easy for users to find new band mates or even new teachers.

Sign up now and become part of a great community of musicians and music fans

That’s more like it! I wanna join Drooble

I knew I could count on you. You were always very smart. To join simply follow this link and sign up with your e-mail address or use the new facebook authentication. Once this is done you can set up your very own profile, upload a few songs or search for some new interesting musicians to follow. You could follow me, if you insist.

There is only one thing left to say: Smash that motherfucking follow button fam!!! 💯💯💯

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