New EP ‘Aviary’ Out Now

New EP ‘Aviary’ Out Now

It’s been silent for too long. Nevertheless I’ll keep this little post here short. I was lazy and didn’t progress much with my “bigger” projects A Not So Modern Summer and The Anatomy Of Disappointment. Instead I felt more like experimenting with some stuff. Two of those experiments are up on my Bandcamp for free, one of them is also available on all music services such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and whatnot.

Just some nice beats: Aviary

For most of you my recent three track release Aviary is probably more intersting than the single I will be talking about later. It started as a little “doodle” in FL Studio. I wanted to try out the Abbey Road Drum Kits I got with my copy of Komplete 11. Immediately I felt some low-fi hip hop vibes coming. I threw some vinyl crackle shit and simple piano chords together, spiced the skeleton up with some strings, added a brass section to fatten up some parts and put in some vocals I got from a free sample pack. I was pretty impressed with the result, especially since that song – now titled Mermaid Dissection, because my girlfriend told me the song would remind her of mermaids singing (maybe because of the vocal EQing) – was my first ever attempt at hip hop beats and similar stuff.

Aryan Havrest – Aviary (2018)

Due to my overambituous nature I decided to release my new tack with two more similar beats. For a change I finally got some shit done. The cover artwork is a photograph I shot myself. I think it was last summer when I bought my friend Markus Wetzlmayr‘s old camera to get familiar with photography. This shot is from my second “shooting” (shoutout to Mélisande for being great company) and I am quite happy with this little accident. One could say this release is on both visual and musical levels designed and executed by myself. So despite being a tiny release, I feel like I accomplished something. Please check out Aviary and share it with other people, if you enjoy it.

My first cover: Duck Game – DM02

I love playing computer games. I mean, I bet you already knew. One of my bands is called Daedric Tales, so its a no brainer anyway. For the last year I have almost only been playing Duck Game. And boy, do I love the soundtrack. Some of the tunes are just pure power and could be such great metal songs. I could not resist and recorded the track DM02 with a real guitar, bass and real drum samples. This was also the first time I actually tried to polish any song in the mixing process (stuff like sidechaining, EQing beyond EQ sweeping, FX automation, etc.). Don’t expect too much however. My mixing skills are still below average. Still, I like the overall sound and want the world to know about Duck Game. So feel free to check out both my cover and the game (available on Steam, PS4, Ouya and Switch).

Aryan Havrest – DM02 (Duck Game Cover)
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