INHUMANTIS releasing The Devil’s Night

INHUMANTIS releasing The Devil’s Night

Time to give this site some more twitching signs of life. This time however it is not mainly about my self-titled project Aryan Havrest. Instead I want to talk about the first release of my synth project Inhumantis: The Devil’s Night

30 Hours of pain. All at once!

Fans of 1994’s horror masterpiece The Crow will understand that The Devil’s Night is a release clearly inspired by said movie. The five track EP is a dark, synth driven and gritty work telling the tale of Eric Draven using a different musical approach. While in the movie the outstanding OST was very orchestral and angelic, my interpretation is much more rough and aggressive. On the counterpart I personally think that the story happening on devil’s night can’t be told without any beauty at all, which is why I actually have worked in some beautiful choirs as well as melancholic, dreamy and romantic melodies.

The Devil's Night - Cover Artwork
The Devil’s Night – Cover Artwork: a visual cooperation between Johanna Seidl, Huba Adorjan and myself.

Releasing after the devil’s night

The night before Halloween is known as the devil’s night. The history of this term is a very tragic one. Starting in the 70’s in Detroit kids and later even adults (as a part in insurance frauds) started fires in the whole city and suburban districts. Obviously this resulted in massive financial and even physical damage for lots of innocent people. The comic-based movie The Crow is about the young musician Eric Draven, who was murdered on the devil’s night. Eric was brought back from the dead by a crow to avenge his girlfriend who was also killed on the very same night, after being raped in front of his eyes. On his journey he meets some close friends who ultimately help him to accept his fate after doing his clean-up and find peace and love in death.
To stay true to this story I want to release The Devil’s Night after the devil’s night this year, meaning October 31st 2018.

Wait, don’t leave yet. There is a giveaway!

So where to get the release? You can get the five tracks on this release plus a Bandcamp exclusive bonus track for only 1€ on my Bandcamp page. If even that 1€ is too much for you, feel free to pick any of the download keys from below and redeem them at But keep in mind: It’s first come, first serve. Also, please be fair to the other visitors and just take one or two keys.

If Bandcamp and sustainable music consumption is not what you’re into, you can also get this release on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify priced at 4.95€. And believe me, I did not come up with that higher price to encourage people to use Bandcamp. The stores themselved wanted to charge that much. Ironically I still will get a smaller share per sale than on Bandcamp. So yeah, as I said: Sustainable.

Anyway, here are the gift codes. Claim them for yourself or for a friend:

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