Tour Diary – Daedric Tales in Central Europe

Tour Diary – Daedric Tales in Central Europe

My symphonic metal band Daedric Tales started a huge project by releasing the EP Cult of Ashes in December 2016. The crowdfunded, two-part saga was compleated on February 25th 2017 by releasing our first full-length album The Divine Menace (that by the way got a 4/5 Rating from After the sold out CD release party (that enabled our beloved photographers Markus Wetzlmayr, Radka Klein and Roswitha Prochazka to catch some great shots) the band will focus on its very first tour.

Daedric Tales Live
The Divine Menace CD release party | Credits by Roswitha Prochazka 2017

Hellhammer Festival 2017

Sure thing, playing gigs out of Vienna, sometimes even beyond the Austrian border is nice and fine, but a real tour that requires you to play multiple shows in a short period of time and also doesn’t spare you from the burdens of a road trip is actual work. And I am so looking forward to it. In March/April our czech/russian friends Welicoruss invited us to play on the Hellhammer Festival, this year for the first time in Austria. The concept is really nice, as the whole setup is a festival, but also features tour characteristics. One could say Hellhammer is a travelling festival.


  • 31.03.2017 – Vienna, Aera
  • 01.04.2017 – Salzburg, MARK
  • 02.04.2017 – Graz, Explosiv
  • 14.04.2017 – Prague, Nová Chmelnice
  • 15.04.2017 – Brno, Melodka
  • 16.04.2017 – Ostrava, Barrák

If you want to get your tickets fresh and cheap just write a short mail.

Daedric Tales CD Release Party
The Divine Menace CD release party | Credits by Markus Wetzlmayr 2017

A short road for a man, one giant leap for a band

If you can’t join the shows or would love to party at multiple dates, but can’t bring up the time and money, that is fine for I have a great solution for your problem: Follow the official Daedric Tales Instagram account (for mundane reports on the tour) or frequently check up on my personal account during the tour (if you prefer condensed hoot and impulsive insanity).

After the Hellhammer we will not lay back! We have a some great news including big shows during summer and fall 2017. And should you for some miraculous reason be fed up with my brand new symphonic metal CD (which would be a rather unlikely case looking at reviews and user ratings on websites such as Discogs) you can always look forward to my upcoming personal releases freuen.

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